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The coronavirus outbreak has forced many office workers to stay at home and adopt more online and virtual tools such as Zoom. After a couple of months of lock down, how are we feeling about the concept of 'home working' and is there anything that we miss about going to the office on a daily basis?

While working from home can have many benefits such as spending more time with family and less time commuting, for some people it also has drawbacks. The concept is certainly not new and there has been an increasing trend towards working from home for some considerable time and, the COVID 19 outbreak might just accelerate that trend. 

But for some, working in an office environment is seen as beneficial and more preferable. An office provides access to companionship, a greater resource base, an ability to learn from others, more routine and an overall experience of operating in a more 'professional' environment. So after a couple of months of lockdown and home working, what are people missing by not going to the office? Based on a latest survey:

  • Only 19% of office workers want to spend the majority of their time working from home and normally only 1.7 million people do.
  • Survey results revealed the top 10 things people miss most about the office. Office jokes (41%) and colleagues (40%) are two of the things workers miss the most.
  • Access to greater resources also ranked highly, with 30% saying that they missed brainstorming and 17% missing the ability to learn from others.
  • 32% said that that they just missed the routine of going to the office daily.
  • However, there are some perks of working from home, 51% found the time they saved not commuting is the most valuable thing to come out of it. With average commute times of 59 minutes it's not surprising.

It will take many months and some people will permanently prefer working from home, but for many, a day in the office has been a lost pleasure. 


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