Consider this common scenario.  You want to spend some of your ‘hard earned’ on investing in your home, but you are not sure what projects will give you the best bang for your buck, provide the biggest return on your investment and add the most value to your home. 

It is obvious that buying a home is an expensive exercise, however many people don't realise that selling a home can also involve considerable cost. Before you decide to list your home for sale, you should consider all of the fees and expenses involved so you can better estimate the net proceeds that you will actually receive from the sale. 

When getting ready to sell your home, there is a considerable amount of work to be done to get both yourself and your property ready. The process is not overly complex, but can seem a little daunting, especially if you haven't sold a property for quite some time. To help you prepare, here are the  answers to some of the mot common questions we get asked as an estate agency.

If you are going to sell a property through an estate agent, you will almost certainly be asked to sign an agency agreement and terms of business. There are a number of different agency agreements, each of which have their own advantages and disadvantages and specific terms and conditions under which you will have to pay a fee.

Let’s face it, when it comes to choosing an Estate Agent, there are a lot of options available with a plethora of traditional high street, on-line and hybrid agencies to choose from. Understandably, for many people, fees are the key determinant of how they choose an agent, but as we explain below, there are a number of other considerations that should probably be taken into account. 

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